Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.

A one-man brand | RYCE™ is a reminder of where you started from and motivating you to continue the hustle & grind in order to achieve your goals in life. It is also a brand celebrating Asian culture & lifestyle.

Why the name "RYCE"? Rice is often the staple food for many cultures as a part of their life. Most of us came from an immigrant family background who struggled and worked hard to put food on the table. Our parents hustle & grind so that we can have a better life. Rich or poor, rice has always brought us together. Hence, rice is a great reminder of the hardship from the past and motivate you to become successful in order to give back to the important people in your life. Never forget your roots!
- Stay humble. Stay Hungry. -

Disclaimer: The RYCE™ brand is for all ethnicity & cultures. You do not have to be Asian! If you simply like Asian food or the hustle & grind entrepreneur lifestyle message behind the story, then support Vuong for the designs itself, that has nothing to do with ethnicity or race. Got it?

As minority groups often face oppositions & discrimination in many areas in the media such as film, music, art, etc., RYCE™ seeks to become a voice to speak & bring awareness of these issues and for young talents to find role-models they can look up to and aspire to become. Hence, the entrepreneurship aspect of the brand is well blended together.


RYCE™ was started by one guy in charge of it all: printing, create designs, grinding & hustling, marketing, customer service, Shopify, etc. Yup, all that was me: Vuong "Ryce", born in Vietnam, raised in Los Angeles, and now printing in Houston. As a designer, I make graphics that are a reflection of who I am and my passion for entrepreneurship. I also want to create a brand celebrating the Asian community in the media and the street-wear fashion culture. Nevertheless, this is me trying to pay off my student loan debts through this journey...each purchase helps!

Our family immigrated to the United States in hopes of obtaining a brighter future. Yet we came very poor. Growing up, life was not easy. My aged-father worked two jobs late into the night. We were still paying rent for a house for more than a decade!

After working at various jobs, I was getting by, but I knew it wasn't going to solve the on-going payments of a student loan debt and have enough to retire my parents. Listening to motivational speeches very often, it inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I did many side-hustles and part-time gigs. But instead of designing for others, I knew I can create something for myself. So with the savings I had, I started this clothing company and invested my future on growing

Dedicated to my father: the hardest working person I know. My father was always very humble: taking on low-waged jobs, working day + night shifts, in all weather, doing things others won't. Dad always had one goal in mind: to provide for a better life for his children. My father did so much for me and I feel that it is my turn to give back for what had done. That is the spirit of #RYCElife, now it's your turn to step up!